Christoph Geiger is an interdisciplinary exhibition designer. He creates narrative spaces, interactions and spatial graphics.


+49 (0) 0176.239.18.630

Christoph will help you develop spatial and visual strategies. He will guide you through the design process from start to finish, focusing on the fusion of content and design to create memorable spaces that spark knowledge transfer, dialogue and the key to it all: inspiration.
  • spatial concepts
  • scenography
  • art direction
  • content strategy
  • presentation
  • museum consulting
  • visualisation
  • project management
  • planning
  • graphic strategy
  • interaction concepts
  • teaching
  • Alfred Wegener Institute, Bremerhaven
  • Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin
  • Atelier Brückner, Stuttgart
  • Atelier Markgraph, Frankfurt a. M.
  • Berlin Museum of Medical History at the Charité
  • Brill Publishers, Leiden
  • Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
  • German Museum of Medical History, Ingolstadt
  • German Maritime Museum, Bremerhaven
  • Ein Netz für Kinder (FFA), Berlin
  • um:welt—Energy education centre, Regensburg
  • Experimenta Heilbronn
  • FIFA, Zürich
  • NABU, Wollmatinger Ried
  • Medical University of Vienna
  • Mercedes Benz, Stuttgart
  • Museumsinsel Schloss Gottdorf
  • Museum Tinguely, Basel
  • Gerhard-Marcks-Haus, Bremen
  • Institute of Classical Studies, London
  • University of the Arts Bremen
  • University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt
  • Hörbiger, Zug
  • Humboldt Forum, Berlin Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
  • Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences
  • King Salaman Science Center, Riad
  • Studio 29 Architects, London
  • The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Wissenschaft im Dialog, Berlin
  • Worpsweder Kunsthalle
  • Zeiss Planetarium Berlin
+49 (0) 0176.239.18.630