Utopia – Revisiting a German State in America

2013 – 2015
Traveling exhibition,
Gießen / Bremen / Washington, D. C. / St. Louis, Missouri

Five-hundred people left their homeland together, in order to live together in their Utopia. They came from all over Germany, all led by one ideal. The Giessen Emigration Society crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 1834 to create a model Democratic German State in the USA – that later became a State of Germans in Missouri. The exhibition UTOPIA studies their myriad of stories through art and action. Political and social dimensions are explored and provide inspiration for everyone today. The exhibition moves as the Utopians once did, from Giessen and Bremen in Germany to Washington DC (German American Heritage Museum) and St. Louis (Missouri History Museum) – and from there onwards. Whoever checks »in« may join as well – in thoughts, by train, truck or ship.



Christoph Geiger



raumdialog, Berlin