Into the Ice

Traveling exhibition,
German Maritime Museum (DSM),

Leibniz-Institute for Maritime History,

The MOSAiC expedition launched by the Alfred Wegener Institute in autumn 2019 | Helmholtz Center for Polar and Marine Research is the largest Arctic research expedition in our history. Supported by an international fleet of ships, helicopters and aircraft, the research icebreaker POLARSTERN drifted through the Arctic Ocean for a year.

In addition to the immeasurably valuable research data, the expedition also produced breathtaking images that are staged in the exhibition with three-meter LED light frames. Following the route of the ship, the recordings lead the viewer on board the POLARSTERN and make the otherworldly nature and the hardships of research physically tangible. The pictures also show this very clearly: The Arctic is much more sensitive than assumed – we have to protect it.

Ruth Sommer | AWI


Project Management

Niels Hollmeier | DSM



Christoph Geiger | DSM 


Exhibition Design

oblik, Bremen


Audiovisual Installation

xenorama, Bremen



afaw design, Bremen