North Sea Wrecks —
Toxic Legacies of War

Traveling exhibition,
German Maritime Museum (DSM),
Leibniz-Institute for Maritime History,

Hundreds of ship and plane wrecks lie at the bottom of the North Sea, not least because of the two world wars. Added to this are thousands of tons of conventional and chemical munitions dumped on the high seas or near shore. The wrecks themselves, their cargo and fuel tanks as well as the ammunition represent both shipping obstacles and sources of poisonous substances as well as explosive objects. They thus pose a danger to people and the environment, but also to so-called Blue Growth Operations, such as commercial and private seafaring, tourism, aquaculture and the off shore wind farms.

For this purpose, a traveling exhibition is being developed under the leadership of the DSM. The exhibition will be held in several European cities. With this exhibition we want to publicize the results of the research as well as the topic of wrecks and ammunition remains in the sea. The traveling exhibition will then be integrated into the future semi-permanent exhibition of the DSM in Bremerhaven. Our goal is to give the issue of crumbling warwrecks and decomposing munitions a lasting presence at sea.

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