MS Wissenschaft 2018 — Future Work

Traveling exhibition on board the MS JENNY,
Wissenschaft im Dialog,

How is digital technology changing working life in offices and factory buildings? What defines good work, what promotes creativity and satisfaction? And: What jobs will there be in the future and what skills will be in demand?

The exhibition on the MS Wissenschaft deals with these topics of the Science Year 2018 – Working Environments of the Future. The interactive exhibits on current research provide easy access to complex scientific topics. In particular, they invite young people and adults to think about their wishes for their own everyday work.

Anja Karliczek, Federal Minister of Education and Research, said at the opening of the MS Wissenschaft: “At the MS Wissenschaft we are experiencing an exciting insight into the future of the world of work. This shows how we can influence our own development through education and research. And I am confident that we in Germany will be able to continue to achieve stability on the labor market and full employment thanks to digitization.«


Zeit zum Lernen?

TRIAD, Berlin

Christoph Geiger

Project management: Julia Ellrich, Ansgar Meemken Content: Karoline von dem Bussche Graphic design: Julia Krömer