Sea Level


Installation for the World Climate Day, 

The sea level is rising. Where there is land today, there will be water in a few years if climate change is not stopped or at least slowed down, climate activists worldwide predict. They are calling for another climate strike this Friday, September 25, 2020.

The Worpswede action alliance, which was formed last year on the occasion of the first international climate strike day, is also involved in this. The group took up the jetty on the slope of the Weyerberg, which was built in 2007 to raise awareness of climate change, and staged boats flying around the jetty. The pink-colored boats fly three meters high and thus pick up on the imaginary waterline of the jetty.

According to the initiators, the installation should stimulate local exchange about sustainable and environmentally conscious living. The website was therefore developed parallel to the boats, on which Worpswede residents can exchange information about local activities and information on climate and environmental protection. »I would be very happy if Worpswede again managed to raise the issue in public without wagging a finger,« says the artist Christoph Fischer, who built the boats together with the project team.

Text (translated): Weser-Kurier | LAF

Christoph Fischer

Christoph Geiger


Eva Brunn
Almut Helvogt
Andreas Lange
Ute Sander



Hauke Dressler (# 1 – 3, 5, 8, 9)
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